C2K Classic

The C2K Classic mission trip model is our most popular trip option. This trip involves 2 daily service projects, up to 3 provided meals a day, programing, and scheduled time to take a break from it all. Trips will traditionally start on Sunday night and run until Thursday afternoon. Average cost per-person is $240 for an entire week, this price includes 4 nights stay in our facility, all meals, and programing.

Sample Schedule – C2K Classic:

7:30 - Breakfast

9:00 - Work at first project site

12:00 - Lunch

1:00 - Work at second project site

4:00 - Shower

6:00 -  Dinner/Clean up

7:00 - Program

8:00 - Free time/Hangout/games

Alternative Spring Break Mission Trip

Alternative Spring Break Mission Trips open the door to make spring break meaningful. Our Alternative Spring Break mission trip option is custom built for each group that visits us. This option is open to all forms of groups, middle school/high school/college/work groups/etc. We can build a trip for your group that balances the right amount of serving in the community with having fun out on the town!

All Inclusive Sample Schedule:

7:00-8:00 breakfast/lunch prep

9:00-12:00 Project 1

12:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30-5:00 Project 2 (Planned Activity)

5:00-7:00 Dinner/Clean up

7:00 -Explore Dallas/hangout/games/ worship at groups request

Family Mission Trip

Family Mission Trips provide the opportunity to grow our faith alongside family. We are here to help you build the perfect trip for your family of all ages, and can’t wait to work it out with you! Many organizations in the area like using smaller groups of up to 10 people, so don’t fret if you have a “small” family, or a “large” family. Whomever you are interested in bringing, we are excited to meet and organize the right type of trip. Because we are urban mission and retreat center in Dallas, we have hundreds of available resources for building a trip for your family. All stays are fully customized to fit your needs.

Midwinter Retreat (DNow weekend)

Midwinter Retreats are a weekend retreat to renew the mind and spirit during the busy school year. These trips are available for all ages, and can include mission work and/or activities just for fun. This option is available for groups looking to have a DNow weekend in Dallas. Since we are located in the area of Oak Cliff, that puts you just minutes away from countless opportunities for a fun weekend. This is also a great opportunity to bring students on Confirmation retreats, where you are able to teach the students more about their faith

C2K Retreat Center

A retreat offers a change in location and schedule for the participants. That change provides opportunity for increased focus on God working in our hearts. The C2K staff customizes each groups stay and handles the majority planning details. All you have to do is be the shepherd to your group! C2K’s retreat center on the campus of Tyler Street Church allows your group to utilize several worship spaces during the course of a retreat. When not in use by the congregation, the sanctuary, chapel, and gym are all available for your group’s use.

Rates are $25 per person per night to rent the facility. With three meals included, the rate is $43 per person per day. A full kitchen is available to your group as part of the rental.

Our facility offers twin beds with mattresses for forty-eight guests. More guests can be accommodated if they are willing to sleep on cots.  All guests must supply their own sleeping bag or linens. The building also has six showers and eight toilets.


Pricing Breakdown

Hosting: $25 A night per person

Meals: $6 A meal per person


Meal Plan


We understand that what you are putting in to your body will affect how you work, so the C2k Kitchen Staff has worked hard on creating a menu of food that is not only good for you but is delicious as well. Meal plans run $18 per person a day, or $6 per person a meal.

*Please alert us to any food allergies of the group before arrival

The kitchen is also another avenue of service for our guest. We hire a head chef and have a staff of interns to help prep and serve. Guest are asked to help out with serving and clean up.